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Shows for 10/30/2019

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Each show at The Punchline is a unique experience. We believe that we have access to the best comedians working clubs today. We strive to put together shows that flow from the moment the host hits the stage right through to when the headliner takes an encore.

Workout Wednesday With Hank Denson 10/30/2019 - 10/30/2019

Show Dates & Times
Wednesday, October 30, 2019     8:00:00 PM     $10.00     No Smoking | No Passes | Buy Now!

Sitting through an open mic night at some place that doesnít really qualify as a comedy club can be brutal. Fun, but potentially brutal. Every now and then you get an actual professional comedian who is working on material. So where do established, professional comedians go to work on new stuff without having to slog through ten or fifteen people who are still very close to their very first set? How about Wednesday night at The Punchline? Nationally known comedian Hank Denson is bringing together his friends and peers who are all accomplished professional comedians working on new stuff. Not the same old stuff, not some random rookie who hasnít figured out what comedy is all about. Come and see what it looks like when professional go in the lab and work on the new stuff.


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