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Craig Gass 1/29/2019 - 1/31/2019

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Craig began doing standup in 1993 by hitting the grueling, bumpy comedy circuit road and cultivating his craft in whatever crappy bar or club would have him. Shortly into the new millennium, shock radio kingpin, Howard Stern, took Craig under his massive, media wing. The Mt. Vernon, New York son of deaf parents made frequent, freaky appearances on Stern, blowing listener minds with his uncanny impressions of notorious celebrities like Christopher Walken, Gene Simmons, Gilbert Gottfried, Tracy Morgan, Sam Kinison, Al Pacino and Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich. This platform lead to Hollywood, but not like you’d think.

Craig Gass hasn’t cultivated his steady, professional ascension via influence peddling or favors from superstar friends. On the contrary, he’s resisted walking through doors blown wide open by immensely powerful figures like his comic mentor and hero. “When I first started doing standup, I snuck backstage to see George at the Temple Theater in Tacoma,” he remembers. “His long time opening act, Dennis Blair, introduced us. Said, ‘George, you got to hear this kid’s Sam Kinison.’ He started laughing and said to me, ‘You’re a very talented and funny guy,’ then ran off to do his show. I called a buddy and started crying on the phone. That night began a friendship that lasted until the day he died. George offered to help me with my career many times. But I wanted to learn from him not take advantage of his influence. He was my greatest mentor, a father figure who never stopped imparting wisdom on comedy, people and life.”


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